Aerial Spraying Drones
P100 Pro with Revospray 3

Drone Features

  • 50L tank capacity
  • Dual pumps, max flow 22L/min
  • 60-400 micron droplet size
  • 10 hectares per hour efficiency
Aerial Spraying Drone - P100 Pro Drone with Revospray 3

Precision Agriculture: Drone spraying allows for precise and targeted application of chemicals to specific areas within a field or forest, reducing waste and minimizing the environmental impact. RTK GPS enables us to fly with centimeter level accuracy. Flying at low levels, the downwash ensures effective plant penetration.

Reduced Chemical Exposure: Drones can help reduce the risk of chemical exposure to farm workers, as they can operate remotely and do not require individuals to be in close proximity to the chemicals being sprayed.

Environmental Benefits: By precisely targeting areas in need of treatment, drone spraying can reduce the overall amount of chemicals used, which can have positive environmental implications.