Aerial Spreading Drone
P100 Pro with Revocast 3

  • 80L/50kg tank capacity
  • 1 ton per hour spread rate
  • 1-6mm particle size
Aerial Spreading Drone - P100 Pro Drone with Revocast 3

The P100 Pro Revocast is designed to be precise and efficient. It uses a unique way to spread seeds called “Vertical precision broadcast” that can be controlled. The seeding disc is positioned in a way that makes the seeds move downward quickly and can handle strong winds. By adjusting the height of the flight, the width of the seeding can be controlled accurately. The drone ensures the seeds are spread evenly, like a carpet, without missing or overlapping areas.

Moreover, the P100 Pro Revocast has a smart screw feeder. It can adjust the amount of material pushed based on the flight speed, allowing it to spread the material in real time and achieve a more even distribution.