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Aerial Mapping & Imagery

Aerial Surveying and Mapping

After we map the field with our mapping drone or by marking out the boundaries manually we can create a spraying or spreading plan that will deliver an exact product / water rate and our RTK GPS will have the drone flying to centimeter accuracy.

Aerial Drone Mapping can be done in RGB and multispectral imagery.

Aerial Mapping Drones

Aerial Surveying and Mapping
Vineyard Aerial Spraying

Aerial Crop Spraying

Spraying droplet size can be adjusted on-the-fly from 60~400 microns to cater for different spray conditions.

We can blanket spray large areas at up to 10 hectares per hour and we can also do targeted spraying by manual flying or by creating a custom spray plan using our high resolution imagery from our mapping drone.

Aerial Spraying Drones

Benefits of Drone Based Aerial Crop Spraying

One centimeter RTK GPS accurate spray paths and low height flights means we can spray very close to sensitive areas.

  • Reduced chemical and water usage
  • Reduced chemical exposure to operators
  • Lower emissions than ground equipment
  • No soil compaction and crop damage from ground vehicles
  • Spot spray for: weeds, gorse, broom, thistles, blackberry etc
  • Spray over water ways
  • Spray between crop rows
  • Can spray when the ground is boggy and on steep terrain when too wet for tractors
  • Can spray: herbicide, pesticide, insecticide and liquid fertilizers, etc
  • Prescription spray plans based on aerial imagery from our mapping drone
  • Optional AI control for targeted spray plans

Aerial Spreading

Aerial Spreading

Our drone spreading system has a load capacity of 50kg/80L and can spread anything 1-6mm in size.

The dual centrifugal discs can empty the hopper in 30 seconds meaning we can acheive rates of up to 1 ton per hour.

  • Can do over seeding
  • Spreading lime, fertiliser, seeds, urea, etc
  • Spread seed onto slips

Aerial Spreading Drones

Drone Spraying

Roof Spraying

Our drone can access difficult to reach areas of the roof, reducing the need for workers to climb ladders or walk on potentially slippery surfaces. Save on scaffolding costs and restricted access. Our autonomous systems will deliver the correct dose where it's needed, reducing chemical usage and runoff.

  • No need for scaffolding and restricted access
  • Safer than having people on roofs
  • Can spray commercial, residential buildings, glass houses
  • White washing glass house roofs


RTK is short for Real Time Kinematics.
A GPS receiver capable of RTK takes in the normal signals from the Global Navigation Satellite Systems along with a correction stream from a base station to achieve 1 centimeter positional accuracy.

Real Time Kinematics GPS

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